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Newcastle, Wyoming


map of Newcastle
North is up!

Population: 3068

  • The intersection of US 85 and US 16 is a four-way stop with a red light signal.
  • US Post Office at 24 W Main St at block west of where Summit Ave intersects with Main St.
  • Laundry Basket on the north side of W Main St at 1515 W Main, several blocks west of the railroad tracks.
  • Ad Pro Office Supply at 921 S. Summit Ave (UPS dropoff).
  • Chamber of Commerce at 1323 Washington St. (307) 746-2739. web:  http://www.newcastlewyo.com  (opens in new browser window)
  • As you drive north on US 85 just before you come to the US 85-16 intersection, is a SHOPKO store. Think regional mini-Wal Mart with camping gear, pharmacy, clothes, etc.
  • Woody's Food Center at 622 W Main St (south side) just west of the railroad tracks.
  • Decker's Food Center at 709 W Main St (north side) west of the railroad tracks.
  • Pizza Hut is located at 802 S Seneca Ave just south of the intersection of Summit Ave and Divide Ave (about where the B in Washington Blvd, on the map, is located.
  • Subway at 640 S Summit Ave about near the intersection of S Summit Ave and US 16.
  • Isabella's Italian Restaurant at 12 S Sumner at W Main and Sumner (just west of the Post Office, south of Main St.)
  • Donna's Main Street Diner at 207 W. Main (excellent breakfast)
  • Pizza Barn at 66 Old Highway 85 — Turn east on first street north of the railroad overpass as you drive north on US 85 toward the US 16 intersection.
    There are several motels on S Summit Ave just west of US 85. Some are AAA rated.
  • Stardust Motel at 833 S Summit Ave. (307) 746-4719.
  • Hilltop Motel at 1121 S Summit Ave. (307) 746-4494.
  • Sage Motel at 1227 S Summit Ave. (307) 746-2724.
  • Pines Motel at 248 E Wentworth St. (307) 746-4334. Located about two blocks east of Divide Ave. There is a sign on Divide Ave as you drive north. This is a quiet motel!
  • Auto Inn Motel & RV Park at 2503 W Main St. (307) 746-2734.
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