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Abstracts of Papers Presented

Not only is the Dinosaur Project succeeding in its mission to do basic scientific research and to provide experience for students and teachers, but has resulted in a number of papers presented at national scientific conferences.

High Resolution GPS Mapping in a Vertebrate Taphonomic QuarryNov 2000Geological Society of America
A Remarkable Vertebrate Assemblage from the Lance Formation, Niobrara County, WyomingNov 2001Geological Society of America
Digital Modeling of a Taphonomic Quarry Using GIS SoftwareOct 2002Society of Vertebrate Paleontology
Recreating an Upper Cretaceous Dinosaur Assemblage with GIS SoftwareOct 2003Society of Vertebrate Paleontology
Using Rocket Science to Study Rock Science  *    html version Nov 2004Society of Vertebrate Paleontology
Five Years Experience Using GIS for Data Collection and Analysis in an Upper Cretaceous Dinosaur Quarry in the Lance Formation  *Nov 2004Society of Vertebrate Paleontology
Report on the Utilization of the Z MAX GPS Survey System at Tall Jalul, 2004Nov 2004American Schools of Oriental Research
Taphonomic Windows into an Upper Cretaceous Edmontosaurus BonebedOct 2005Geological Society of America
Development of an On-line Database with GIS Connections for Vertebrate and Other FossilsOct 2005Geological Society of America
Preliminary Depositional Model for an Upper Cretaceous Edmontosaurus BonebedOct 2006Society of Vertebrate Paleontology
Development and Use of 3D Virtual Reality Movies in an Online Fossil MuseumOct 2007Geological Society of America
Ten Years Excavation at an Extensive Lancian Edmontosaurus Bonebed in Northeastern WyomingOct 2010Society of Vertebrate Paleontology
A Prominent Seismite in the Upper Cretaceous Lance Formation in Northeastern Wyoming as a Stratigraphic MarkerOct 2011Geological Society of America
A Regionally Extensive Lancian Seismite Serves as a Time Synchronous Stratigraphic Marker for Mapping Dinosaur Bonebeds in Northeastern WyomingOct 2012Society of Vertebrate Paleontology
Solving Taphonomic Jigsaw Puzzles: Insight Into the Complex Depositional History of a Lance Formation (Maastrichtian) Dinosaur BonebedOct 2014Geological Society of America
Development and Implementation of an Efficient, Accessible Online Museum Site and Database with Open AccessOct 2014Geological Society of America
Digitation Of Taphonomic Data In a Large Active Upper Cretaceous Dinosaur Site In Northeastern WyomingNov 2015Geological Society of America
Large Dinosaur Bonebed Deposited As Debris Flow: Lance Formation Niobrara County, WyomingNov 2015Geological Society of America
Tyrannosaur Cannibalism: A Case Of a Tooth-Traced Tyrannosaur Bone In the Lance Formation Of Eastern WyomingNov 2015Geological Society of America
Telling Tooth Traces From Foramen: A Case Of Taphonomic Detective Work On a Juvenile Ceratopsid Surangular From the Lance Formation (Maastrichian), WYNov 2015Geological Society of America
Eastern Wyoming Harvester Ant Mounds Reveal Rich Vertebrate Microfossil AssemblageNov 2015Geological Society of America
The Application of Digital Reconstruction Techniques in Taphonomy of an Upper Cretaceous Dinosaur Site in Eastern Wyoming Journal of Taphonomy 14.2016

* These papers were submitted as part of the Symposium From Cusps to Quarries to Continental Catastrophes: Visualizing Spatial and Temporal Paleontological Elements in a Digital Environment as part of the 64th Annual Meeting of the Society Of Vertebrate Paleontology. After being accepted, they were changed to poster presentations due to scheduling conflicts.


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