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In our youth is our strength, in our inexperience, our wisdom.   
Herman Melville, White Jacket

Dinosaur Mini-Camp

Young People Meet Old Fossils

The Dinosaur Excavation and Taphonomy Research Project is not only about research, but is also about sharing knowledge about these amazing creatures. The project involves participants who not only excavate and gather data, but also learn.
Work in the quarry

Enjoy camping in the beauty of the lands of Wyoming.
 Learn about the amazing creatures that once roamed the earth.
  Experience finding a bone that no one has ever seen before!
   Perform a part of an important on-going science research project.
    Explore our Creator's wonderous world.
 Join us this summer in the Cretaceous!

The Dinosaur Excavation and Taphonomy Research Project offers an educational program for organized groups of interested teenagers who have a wonder about dinosaurs and paleontology. This program is not a passive "Come and look" but is an active "Observe, Learn, and Work" course.

This "Dinosaur Mini-Camp" involves:
  • Structured program based on
    • Orientation
    • Explanation
    • Excavation
  • 3 or 4 day period
  • Experiences
    • hands-on work in the quarries
    • small group activities led by experienced teachers
    • presentations by college professors


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