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Non-credit Participation

Come and "dig the dirt on dinosaurs!"
New Quarry

Each summer, typically in the month of June, Southwestern Adventist University conducts a Field Research Project in the Lance Formation of eastern Wyoming. During this time students and teachers can earn university credit and Continuing Education Units.

However, there are wonderful opportunities for others who have an interest in dinosaurs to come and experience working on an important scientific research project.

The Project welcomes all interested participants to join in this exciting work for a period from a day up to the full four weeks!

You can also join in the course program consisting of a balance of instruction in technique, practical experience in exacavating fossil dinosaur remains, overview of dinosaur life, and general science concepts and principles.

But, this is not a "listen and learn" project. With necessary preliminary instruction you will be working in an incredibly rich bone-bed uncovering, excavating, and recovering dinosaur remains. As finder and excavator, your name will be listed in the on-line bone catalog.

The Project Site is close to the Black Hills of South Dakota with many interesting sights and things to experience as part of complete vacation expedition to that part of the planet!

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Children and Minors

The Project welcomes children and minors; however, experience has shown:

  • Generally younger participants need fairly close supervision by a parent or guardian.
  • A few days experience can be a good thing. A week, or two weeks, or three weeks can be 'too much of a good thing!'
If you are planning to bring children or minors, please consider the following:



It is important to know in advance who is coming and when. This way we can make certain we have sufficient food, tools, etc. as well as knowing when to look for someone.

Therefore, we need a completed project application [click to send in the information on-line] from everyone who is planning to come.

The directors of the project submit their individual application each year!

Field Note Book

Everyone who excavates needs access to a Field Note Book. The information recorded is an important part of the project record, especially as the bones are processed after the excavation season has ended.

For those participants staying three weeks or longer; that is, paying full fees, the Field Note Book is included as part of the total fees.

For those staying less than three weeks, there are several options:

1If you wish to keep the Field Note Book as a personal record, then you may purchase your copy for $5.00.
You will leave the Field Note Book with one of the directors when you leave, and it will be returned to you after the project season is over and the information has been recorded.
[Make certain you write your address on the inside of the front cover!]
2The project will loan you a Field Note Book for your use during your stay. It will be left when you leave.
3You may share a Field Note Book with others in your group.


project application

participant forms

Payment for the fees and expenses should be made to Earth History Research Center and may be made in cash, check, or PayPal (ID: ehrc@swau.edu) no later than departure from Keene or arrival on site.


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