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Dinosaur Science Museum
and Research Center

opened 11 Nov 16

All the bones and other items collected are the property of the ranch where they are excavated.  However, Southwestern Adventist University is the official repository of these scientifically valuable fossils.

At the end of each season of excavation work in Wyoming, all the bones collected are brought to the Dinosaur Science Museum and Research Center in the Lawrence Scales Science Hall on the campus of Southwestern Adventist University. There, they are carefully cleaned, preserved, cataloged, and stored.

The Museum with the preparation lab and the bone storage facility is available for field trips by interested groups and school classes.

See where the bones are prepared.
 Observe the cleaning and restoration process
  Inspect the storage room
   View some of the amazing finds
    Listen to the exciting story of this work
     Learn about the science of fossil excavation
      Touch a real dinosaur bone!
Bring your bones to the bones to the Dinosaur Science Museum

The Museum is free and open to the public.

The Museum is closed unti September 2019.

Each year numerous groups of children and adults visit the facilities for a guided tour. Some of the groups that have come to take advantage of this opportunity include:

  • Cleburne Elementary School
  • Keene Adventist Elementary School
  • Leadership Cleburne
In addition, the project leaders have made general presentations to school, museum, church, and civic groups, including:
  • Cleburne High School
  • Layland Museum, Cleburne
  • Cleburne Rotary
  • Hopps Museum, Keene
  • Cleburne Lion's Club
  • Wilshire Elementary School, Euless

If you have a school or church or other group that would be interested in seeing the bones and how they are prepared and stored, you can make arrangements to visit the Museum. Call (817) 202-6336.

If your group would like us to come and make a presentation, let us know what would fit your needs. We can arrange a video presentation, slides and/or a talk and can bring a sample of the prepared bones for display.


Dr. Art Chadwick, Director of the Dinosaur Research Project and Director of the Dinosaur Science Museum
Dinosaur Science Museum
Southwestern Adventist University
Keene, TX 76059
(817) 202-6277

You may also visit the on-line collection at:



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