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Quarry Rules

Working in the quarries can be enjoyable and safe provided a few general rules are kept in mind.


  1.  Liabilty and medical forms must be filled out and signed before working in the quarries.
  Forms may be filled out and brought or obtained when you arrive.
All participants under the age of 18 must have the forms signed by a parent or guardian.
  2.  Use protection from the sun.
  Sunscreen, clothing, hat, shade, etc. can help prevent sunburn or the effects of heat exposure.
On the other hand, do not wear heavy clothing that can inhibit cooling when it is hot.
  3.Keep your water bottle nearby and drink water!!
  Everyone is to have their own personal water bottle—do not forget it back at camp!
All the drinking water you can drink will be supplied—refill your water bottle or canteen as often as necessary from the large containers of water.
If you are not visiting the bone head, you are not drinking enough.
Do not waste drinking water either by drinking directly from the containers or washing unless absolutely necessary.
  4.Always wear eye protection
  Either glasses or the supplied goggles are to be worn at all times.
  5.Do not enter a quarry without asking permission from the quarry supervisor.
  The quarry supervisor will know where it is safe to step.
  6.Work only in your assigned area.
  Always follow the instruction of the quarry supervisor and project leaders—they know where it is important to work to further the goals of the project.
  7.If you need to leave a work area, notify your quarry supervisor.
  It is respect and courtesy to let those who are responsible know where you are even if it to visit the bone head or resupply your personal water.
  8.Do not wear fabric gloves when working with Bone Bond.
  A spill onto fabric can burn your skin and glue the burn to the gloves.
  9.If you glue fingers together or fingers to a bone, notify the quarry supervisor.
  The quarry supervisors have experience to know what to do.
10.Assemble promptly for lunch or for transportation back to camp.
  Your procrastination causes others to wait.
Stop work a few minutes early to take care of bone head visits so you will not be late.
If there is an unavoidable delay (such as the GPS finally arrived), then let your quarry supervisor know.
11.Do not take any tools or supplies from any quarry without notifying the quarry supervisor.
  Each quarry supervisor has a set of tools.
Generally extra Bond Bond and other supplies are kept in a central area.


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