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Teach them the decrees and laws, and show them the way to live and the duties they are to perform.    
Exodus 18:20

Participants, except for the project leaders and technical staff who have other responsibilities, are assigned to one of three or four chore groups. Generally these correspond to a given quarry group or individuals from a set of quarries.

The responsibilities are rotated daily through these groups so no one individual will have the same responsibilities from one day to the next, This way we all get to help the camp and the project run smoothly.

The routine chores are performed by the designated chore group except on Sabbaths.

Meals are prepared by the project leaders (and any who wish to help!), and the washing of the food preparation and serving items are also done by the leaders. Worships are arrenged. No routine cleaning chores are performed.

The rotation continues through Saturday even though no duties are performed. This ensures that Fridays, as an example, are shared among the groups.


Plan meals ahead so that necessary ingredients are on hand
  • Breakfast
    • Awake and rise early enough to prepare breakfast by the scheduled time
    • Prepare and set out breakfast
    • Call for breakfast
    • Process and store leftovers
    • Wash meal preparation and serving dishes and clean up kitchen area
  • Lunch
    • Set out lunch fixin's at same time as breakfast
    • Put away lunch materials after everyone has had a chance to make their own lunch but before morning worship
  • Dinner
    • Return to camp early for showers and dinner preparation
    • Prepare dinner
    • Process and store leftovers
    • Wash meal preparation and serving dishes and clean up kitchen area


  • Clean Bathrooms
    • Scrub toilets
    • Dry showers
    • Clean sinks
  • Clean kitchen area
  • Sweep and mop floors
  • Clean tables, etc
  • Generally tidy up camp facilities
  • Burn trash
  • Clean Bonehead
  • Make certain all necessary supplies (eg TP) are adequate
  • Make note of any shortages in cleaning and other supplies


  • Conduct brief morning worships
  • Have prayer for each meal


Normally there are three chore groups; however, when there are sufficient numbers of participants four groups are set up.

  • Relax
  • Study


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