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Research Proposals and Reports

Every group wishing to work in the area supervised by the Hanson Research Staion must submit a formal proposal to the Hanson Research Station which is reviewed carefully and approved before any on-site research is undertaken. These proposals must be specific and generally can range from one to four years in duration.

As part of its responsibility for the privilege of being permitted to engage in field work at the Dinosaur Project site, the research directors of the project are required to make periodic Research Reports to the Hanson Research Station summarizing each year's work.


These Proposals and Research Reports are available in PDF form. To access and read them you will need software such as Adobe Reader™ installed on your computer.
There is restricted access to the Proposals and Reports. You will need a user name and password to access them. Contact the Project Director for this access information.

Research Proposal (2000)[pdf]    70KB
Research Proposal (2001-2004)[pdf]    72KB
Research Proposal (2005-2008)[pdf]    69KB
Research Proposal (2009-2012)[pdf]  106KB
Research Proposal (2013-2016)[pdf]  104KB
No Research Proposal for 2017 
Research Proposal (2018-2021)[pdf]  120KB

1997 Research Report    [pdf]    1.0MB

1998 Research Report    [pdf]    0.1MB

1999 Research Report    [pdf]    1.0MB

2000 Research Report    [pdf]    0.1MB

2001 Research Report    [pdf]    8.2MB

2002 Research Report    [pdf]  12.3MB

2003 Research Report    [pdf]    7.1MB

2004 Research Report    [pdf]    8.8MB

2005 Research Report    [pdf]    5.0MB

2006 Research Report    [pdf]    3.5MB

2007 Research Report    [pdf]    2.7MB

2008 Research Report    [pdf]  12.1MB

2009 Research Report    [pdf]    1.6MB

2010 Research Report    [pdf]    1.6MB

2011 Research Report    [pdf]    3.5MB

2012 Research Report    [pdf]    3.8MB

2013 Research Report    [pdf]    3.0MB

2014 Research Report    [pdf]    3.3MB

2015 Research Report    [pdf]    3.9MB

2016 Research Report    [pdf]    3.4MB

2017 Research Report    [pdf]    3.0MB

2018 Research Report


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