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Dinosaur Project
graduate credit

Earth History Research Center  
for the summer 2018 expedition
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This is a Application form for Participation and credit for the graduate course.  If you wish to earn undergraduate credit, then complete the Undergraduate Application form.

This is not an application for admission to a graduate program of Southwestern Adventist University.

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Travel Information

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If you are planning to arrive or depart from the Rapid City airport and need transportation to or from Camp Cretaceous, check the current schedule [opens in new window] for available dates.


 The 2018 expedition leaves Southwestern Adventist University in Keene, Texas, Thursday morning, May 31 arriving the next day at the project site.
 Class begins Monday morning, June 4.  Class activities end Thursday morning, June 28.
 The expedition returns to Southwestern Adventist University in the afternoon of Friday, June 29.

You need to plan your travel dates to attend all class activities.

   Arrive: *   Friday, June 1   Saturday, June 2   Sunday, June 3       Other   
   Depart: * Thursday, June 28       Other   

If you must arrive late or depart early, you need to make arrangements with the teacher in advance.

After being accepted, you must make a tuition payment in the amount $1640 to Southwestern Adventist University or make other financial arrangements prior to Thursday, May 31.

After being accepted, you must make a fees payment in the amount $996 to Earth History Research Center or make other financial arrangements prior to Thursday, May 31.

Additional Information

Describe previous experience in field research, paleontology, geology, or related activities:

Notes, comments, explanation, exceptions, or other information concerning this application for your participation and academic credit:

Student Pledge

I understand that Southwestern Adventist University is a distinctively Christian school.  If accepted, I agree to abide by its principles and values, which include a lifestyle of moral responsibility, respect for the property and rights of others, and abstinence from alcohol, tobacco, and drugs.

By electronically submitting this application, I certify that the above statements are correct and complete.  I understand that incomplete or false information may make me ineligible to participate in the Southwestern Adventist University Dinosaur Project or to receive academic credit from Southwestern Adventist University.